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About Us


Chaitanya Mahila Mandali
Serve to Disabled to Serve to God

Chaitanya Mahila Mandali is a Voluntary Organisation Registered under The Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. It is working for advancement of marginalized groups like SC / ST and socially disadvantaged sections minorities, Women, Children, Differentlyabled and other vulnerable sections like under the poverty accompanied by various, problems such as illiteracy, Social Injustice, Un-employment etc., in drought prone area of Prakasam District.

It has implemented various developed activities for advancement of its target groups. our activities are few but effective.

Education is provided in a scientific manner by trained staff. Proper audiometry tests are periodically done to test the hearing capabilities and change our pattern of teaching accordingly. The school has a special speech therapy center which is managed by trained staff.vocational Training also given by the students are provided vocational training in the trade of their choice to enable them to work on their own and not be dependent on any one.

Chaitanya School for The Deaf was started in 1999 and has a chequered history of 19 years. The Deaf school is from Nursery class to Class X. The School is Co-Educational and Residential.

The school has a vision of total communication being used to teach the Deaf children with latest techniques by trained staff in Computers, Art and Craft of many types, Sports, Extra Curricular activities and much more.

Our vision is to empower the Deaf Children to be part of the inclusive society and main stream. Be a productive member of the family and earn laurels.